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For me, it’s all about New York streets. They’ve been immortalized in who knows how many songs and poems, movies and books, but even though I’ve spent years documenting them with my photography, I don’t think I’m any closer to understanding them than I was when I started. They are their own kind of art, and for a photographer, all you need to do is setup the shot and take it. I have lived in New York for only five years, but I have been a working, professional photographers for fifteen years now.

Street Scenes

Street Corner, NYC

Street Corner, NYC

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You never know what you’ll find on the streets. And if you happen to be a photographer working in New York, that’s doubly true. I’ve had the good fortune to shoot all over the world, and when I come back to New York, I’m always reminded of why I started my career here.

The New York street scene is, for better or for worse, the street scene. It’s the one that is the most iconoclastic, and because of the backdrop of New York, it’s the one that I think people from just about anywhere imagine when they think of the idea of a street scene—whatever a “street scene” happens to be.

I created this album to showcase some of my favorite street scenes that I’ve captured in New York. This is nothing that I’ve done on contract or in my studio, just real life moments captured by me with my Mark III when I had some time to kick it around the city. I hope you like what you see. I did.


Es una alegría saber que pronto el Teatro Nacional de Panamá volverá a abrir sus puertas tras pasar un largo período de restauración y que nuestra ciudad en sus 500 años contará nuevamente con este hermoso escenario a finales de el mes de agosto o a principios del mes de septiembre. Les compartimos este video en este día histórico y de celebración para todos para que sigamos contagiándonos de las cosas buenas que esta viviendo Panamá. Hoy también podemos decir que nuestro país cuenta con un Ministerio de Cultura y esperamos que este sea un gran paso y el inicio de un camino de crecimiento en la cultura en nuestro país.